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Slash Fiction One Tree Hill
Enjoy the Boys!
OTH series part 4 
18th-May-2008 02:28 pm
Title: OTH stories part 4
Author: </a></b></a>tonyn855
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lucas/Dan/Nathan/Keith

Nathan rolled around in the bed he shared with his wife Hayley and pretended to be asleep. They had just made love but all Nathan could think about were his brother Lucas' huge dick and his dad Dan's big cock. All he wanted was to feel them both in his mouth and ass like he had before. He started to get hard again thinking about how their cum tasted and how it felt to get his ass fucked for the first time by his Dad. He didn't sleep very well that night.

The next day he arrived at school. He walked over to Lucas.

"Hey man" he said before whispering "I can't stop thinking about what happened between me, you and Dan"

Lucas whispered back "I know me too, I was actually talking to Dan tonight he said we were to go over and he would have a surprise for us"

"Great man, I'm so fucking horned up"

"I can give you a ride to Dan's after bball practice if you want" Lucas winked at Nathen before whispering again "but you'll get the ride you really want later" and Lucas walked off leaving Nathan feeling more hard than ever.

After practice the two boys rushed into the changing rooms and were straight in and out of the showers and in less than 5 minutes were sitting in Lucas' car.

"So hows Hayley keeping" Lucas asked

"She's fine man but .." Nathan stopped talking

Lucas looked concerned "What's wrong Nate?"

Nathan looked away and out the window "Its just that well..since what happened I don't know if I still feel the same about her"

"Oh" Lucas said not knowing what to say

"Are you still into Peyton" Nathan asked still looking away

"Well yeah, shes deadly" Lucas smiled "I'm bisexual so I'm still into shagging both of you and nothings serious yet"

Nathan nodded.

The brothers pulled up outside Dan's house.

Lucas smiled at Nathan and Nathan smiled back, both of them were excited to find out what was ahead.

As they walked in to the house, they were greeted by Dan who was in his suit. He kissed both of them on the lips before leading them into the kitchen.

Just before they got into the kitchen Dan asked "So, are you guys interested in a foursome"

Lucas and Nathan both talked at the same time "HELL YEAH"

"Great" Dan smiled as he opened the door to the kitchen,

Sitting beside the table was Lucas' and Nate's uncle Keith. Keith was in his oily clothes after finishing a hard day working in the garage.

"Well, are you boys ready or not" Keith grinned.

The two Scott brothers nodded

"Then lets get out of those clothes"

Nathan pulled off his tshirt and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, there he was standing in his tight red and white CK boxers. His perfect hairless body glistened with the sun shining in the window, he removed his boxers to show his big hard cock. Lucas followed suit and they were both standing naked in front of there uncle and father.

"They get their cocks from us Dan" Keith winked

Lucas and Nathan never saw their Dad get on with their uncle like this before

They walked over to Keith and he took both of their cocks in his hands and slowly jerked them before he took Lucas in his mouth. He then stopped and took Nathan in his mouth for the same short time. Dan walked around and started playing with both of the boys asses. Neither had noticed but Dan was now naked too and his big hairy chest was on display along with his huge dick. Keith then got up and pulled off his clothes. His body was hot and hairy just like Dan's and when he pulled off his briefs, everyones mouth dropped at his cock. It was a bit smaller than Dan's but was much more thicker and he had a huge head.

Dan walked over and sat on the stool beside his brother Keith "Right so you boys want these Daddy cocks or what"

Lucas knelt down in front of Keith and Nathan knelt in front of Dan. Dan and Keith snogged passionately as the two boys took their cocks in their mouth. Lucas started to gag on Keiths the second he put the head in his mouth but he loved the taste and kept sucking. Nathan was going up and down on Dans pole as fast as he could proving what a cock whore he was. This kept up for another 10 minutes until both boys were pulled off the cocks.

Keith looked at Dan and the boys "So are we going to get some ass or what"

The four guys went upstairs and Dan got two condoms. He handed them to Luke and Nate. Luke put the condom on Keiths cock but it ripped due to his cock being so thick but Lucas was able to fit another one on just about. Nathan got Dans on and both boys bent over on the bed.

"Not just yet" Keith said "I want you to rim eachother first"

Lucas stook his face into Nathans hot ass. He started to tongue his hole and discovered he loved the taste of his brothers ass. Five minutes later Nathan had done rimming Luke and both boys were spread out on the bed. Keith got behind Lucas and Dan got behind Nathan. They then thrust their cocks into the two boys wet holes.

"AAHHHHHH" Lucas and Nathan moaned

"Oh fuccckckkkkkk" Keith moaned

After slowly fucking them, Dan winked at Keith and the two men started pounding the asses, Nathen was loving every minute of it. Lucas was in pain but didn't want it to stop. After another 10 minutes Keith and Dan pulled out and jerked their cocks in the two boys faces. They shot monster loads all over them.

Dan and Keith then bent over on the bed "Fuck us now...and no condom we want your hot cum in our ass"

Lucas and Nathan started to fuck their uncle and dads asses until Lucas started to moan heavily and shot his hot boy cum in Keiths ass and hearing his brother moan like that Nathan shot his load in Dans ass.

But the fun wasnt over then. Nathen then started to rim Keiths ass so he could eat all of Lucas' cum and Lucas did the same to Dans hairy ass.

After that the four of them all got in the jacuzzi and eat much more ass and cum

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