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1. Please only post One Tree Hill slash fan fiction from the boys from oth here. Thank you.
2. No flaming. If you don't like something, don't read it. Please be respectful, people work hard on their stories. Any posters who violate these rules will be given a warning, or will be banned from this community. Any posts violating these rules will be deleted. Fandom should be a happy place.
3. Original characters are fine.
4. All stories must be formatted as follows:

Title: The title of your story.
Author: Your name/penname.
Rating: What ever you feel your story should be rated (see below if unsure).
Pairing: The pairing(s) that are in your story. If there is none, just say none.
Disclaimer: Something along the line of, I do not own One Tree Hill, or any of the actors and so on.
A/N: Anything else you feel you should mention.

Stories must then be placed under an lj-cut < lj-cut > without the spaces.

5. All stories are welcome. Any plot, pairing, rating, and so on.
6. Please put the rating and any disclaimers/warnings in the header when posting fic.

Rated PG
PG means pretty much the same thing as G. Simply has hints of sex/ violence, nothing graphic, but should not be read by young children

Rated PG-13
A PG-13 means it should not be read by someone younger than 13. Sex/ violence better described but still not highly graphic.

Rated R
Stories with this rating should not be read by anyone under the legal age in their country. There will be either sex scene's between consenting adults and/or graphic descriptions of violence with this rating.

Rated NC - 17
Again as with the R rating, stories with this rating should not be read by anyone under the legal age in their country. Basically a story with an NC - 17 rating are stories where anything goes.

7. Have fun.

One Tree Hill is property of the CW network, and is copyrighted
material. The stories are not meant to imply anything about the sexual
preference of any of the actors involved and is pure fiction.